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Experimental study of the strong interaction at FAIR

Presenter: Diego Bettoni — INFN - Sezione di Ferrara

The physics program of the future FAIR facility at GSI covers a wide range of topics that address central issues of strong interactions and QCD. Some of the highlights of the scientific program are:

  • charmonium spectroscopy: the excellent antiproton beam definition (Δ p/p≈ 10−5) will allow the precise measurement of the cc spectrum both below and above the open charm threshold;
  • D and Ds meson spectroscopy;
  • search for exotic hadrons (glueballs and hybrids) in the charmonium mass range, where mixing with conventional states is smaller and the identification of these exotic hadrons easier;
  • study of in-medium modifications of meson masses, particularly in the heavy quark sector;
  • study of nucleon structure (wide-angle Compton scattering, electromagnetic form factors of the proton).

In addition to that the possibility to polarize antiprotons in combination with an internal gas target will provide access to a wealth of single- and double-spin observables, opening up the possibility to perform new unique measurements, in particular:

  • the first measurement of the transversity distribution of the valence quarks in the proton;
  • a test of the predicted opposite sign of the Sivers function in Drell-Yan as compared to semi-inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering;
  • the first measurement of the moduli and relative phase of the electromagnetic form factors of the proton in the timelike region.

The antiproton beams of unprecedented intensity and quality in the energy range of 1 GeV to 15 GeV delivered by FAIR will be an excellent tool to address these fundamental questions.