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Critical phenomena and renormalization-group flow of multi-parameter Phi4 theories

Presenter: Ettore Vicari — University of Pisa

In the framework of the renormalization-group (RG) approach, several critical phenomena can be investigated by studying the RG flow of an effective Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson (LGW) Phi4 theory, having an N-component order parameter as fundamental field, and containing up to 4th-order polynomials of the field. Some physically interesting systems require LGW Phi4 theories with several quadratic and quartic parameters, depending on the symmetry and symmetry-breaking pattern. I discuss the general properties of the RG flow in these theories, and present an overview of RG field-theory results for physically interesting LGW Phi4 theories, whose results apply to critical phenomena in disorder and frustrated spin systems, and also to the finite-T transition in hadronic matter.