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Progress in hadron structure physics on the lattice

Presenter: Philipp Haegler — Technical University of Munich

This talk gives an overview of recent results in hadron structure physics from lattice QCD. In particular, results for the structure of the nucleon and the pion will be discussed in terms of (transition) form factors, distribution amplitudes and moments of (generalized) parton distribution functions. These observables allow us to investigate a number of fundamental physics questions related to e.g. the distribution of charge and momentum in hadrons, the spin structure of the nucleon and the pion, and correlations between spin and coordinate degrees of freedom. Some of these observables are very difficult to access in experiment, and lattice simulations already today strongly contribute to our understanding of the structure of hadrons. Chiral extrapolations of selected lattice results will be presented, which in several cases show excellent agreement with results from experiment and phenomenology.