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Semileptonic decays of heavy-light pseudoscalar mesons

Presenter: Nazario Tantalo — INFN "Tor Vergata" & E. Fermi Center, Rome

G.M. de Divitiis, E. Molinaro, R. Petronzio, N. Tantalo

I will discuss the results of a recent calculation, in the continuum limit of quenched lattice QCD, of the matrix elements of the heavy-heavy vector current between heavy-light pseudoscalar meson states. I will show the form factors for different values of the initial and final meson masses at finite momentum transfer. In particular I will discuss the dependence upon the heavy quark masses, the Isgur-Wise function and the calculation of the decay rate for the process B → D l nu. The last is needed in order to extract the CKM matrix element Vcb from available experimental data.