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Z3-Polyakov-loop models and inverse Monte-Carlo method

Presenter: Christian Wozar — Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

T. Heinzl, T. Kästner, R. Meinel, S. Uhlmann, A. Wipf, C. Wozar

We study effective Polyakov-loop models for the SU(3)-Yang-Mills theory at finite temperature. A comprehensive mean field analysis of the phase diagram of a particular model is carried out and compared to the results obtained from Monte-Carlo simulations. A rich phase structure including two different ferromagnetic and one antiferromagnetic phase is found. The mean field approximation agrees astoundingly well with the numerical data. Since the effective model features second order phase transitions critical exponents are computed and compared to the Z3-Potts model. It is found that they agree within the achieved precision. In the second half we deal with the numerical computation of the coupling constants of the effective models as functions of the Yang-Mills coupling constant. To this end we employ the inverse Monte-Carlo method using two types of Schwinger-Dyson equations originating in a geometrical respectively algebraic approach. Their derivation is given and the results are compared.