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Yang-Mills Ground State in 2+1 Dimensions and Temporal Gauge

Presenter: Jeff Greensite — San Francisco State University

Jeff Greensite and Stefan Olejnik

We propose an approximation to the ground state of Yang-Mills theory, quantized in temporal gauge and 2+1 dimensions, which satisfies the Yang-Mills Schrodinger equation in both the weak-field limit, and in a strong-field limit which keeps only the zero-mode of the gauge field. Our proposal contains a single parameter with dimensions of mass. Confinement via dimensional reduction is obtained if this parameter is non-zero, and a non-zero value appears to be energetically preferred. A method for the numerical simulation of this vacuum state is developed. It is shown that if the mass parameter is fixed from the known string tension in 2+1 dimensions, the resulting mass gap deduced from this vacuum state is in very good agreement with known results obtained by standard lattice Monte Carlo methods.