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Charge fluctuations and correlations in QCD at zero and non-zero density

Presenter: Christian Schmidt — BNL

RBC-Bielefeld Collaboration

We present results on net baryon number, strangeness and electric charge fluctuations in QCD at non-zero density and temperature obtained from lattice calculations with almost physical up and down quark masses and a physical value for the strange quark mass. We show that at vanishing chemical potential, i.e. under conditions met at the LHC, quartic fluctuations of net baryon number and strangeness as well as the correlation of squared net baryon number and strangeness are large in a narrow temperature interval characterizing the transition region from the low to high temperature phase. At non-zero baryon number density, the strangeness fluctuations are enhanced and correlated to fluctuations of the net baryon number. Nonetheless, in a dense medium with overall vanishing strangeness as it is created in heavy ion collisions strangeness fluctuations are significantly smaller than baryon number fluctuations. We also comment on strangeness fluctuations in flavor symmetric dense matter and compare with the resonance gas.