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Phase Quenched Lattice QCD at Finite Density and Temperature

Presenter: Donald Sinclair — none

D.K.Sinclair and J.B.Kogut

We continue our studies of lattice QCD at finite quark-number chemical potential (mu) and temperature in the phase-quenched approximation, where the phase of the fermion determinant is simply ignored, thus circumventing the sign problem. We simulate 3-flavour lattice QCD for fermion masses close to the critical value. Indications are that the critical endpoint, if it exists, is not associated with the critical mass at zero chemical potential. We are now exploring the regime < mπ/2 in the hadronic regime, and a much larger range of mu in the quark-gluon plasma domain. The goal is to calculate the equation-of-state for phase-quenched QCD outside of its superfluid phase.