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HMC algorithm for two-flavour lattice QCD: Schwarz-preconditioning with a one-dimensional domain decomposition

Presenter: Martin Hasenbusch — Universita di Pisa and I.N.F.N.

Martin Hasenbusch

We propose a variant of the Schwarz-preconditioned HMC algorithm. In contrast to the original proposal of Lüscher, we apply the domain decomposition only in one lattice direction. This is sufficient to get a condition number of the fermion matrix restricted to the domains that is substantially smaller than that of the full fermion matrix. For the same linear extension of the domain, less links reside on the boundaries of the domains than in the case of a four-dimensional decomposition. Therefore it becomes e.g. practical to iterate the decomposition. Tests are performed for standard Wilson fermions and the Wilson gauge action at β=5.6, which corresponds to a≈ 0.08 fm on lattices of the size 163 × 32 and 243 × 32. This choice of action and parameters allows for a comparison with performance data for other variants of the HMC algorithm that are given in the literature.