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Higher loop renormalization of fermion bilinear operators

Presenter: Apostolos Skouroupathis — University of Cyprus, Department of Physics

Skouroupathis A. and Panagopoulos H.

We compute the two-loop renormalization constants, in the RI  scheme, of local bilinear quark operators ψΓψ, where Γ denotes the Scalar and Pseudoscalar Dirac matrices, for the lattice formulation of QCD. We use the clover action for fermions and the Wilson action for gluons. As a prerequisite for the above, we also compute the quark field renormalization, Zψ, up to two loops.

Our results are given as a polynomial in cSW, in terms of both the renormalized and bare coupling constant, in the renormalized Feynman gauge. We also confirm the 1-loop renormalization constants, for generic gauge.

Finally, we present our results in the MS scheme, for easier comparison with results coming from the continuum.