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The three-loop β function of SU(N) lattice gauge theories with Overlap fermions

Presenter: Constantinou Martha — University of Cyprus

Martha Constantinou, Haris Panagopoulos

We present a calculation for the third coefficient of the lattice β-function (βL(g0)) using standard perturbation theory. For this calculation Overlap fermions and Wilson gluons were chosen, while the background field technique has been used for convenience. Our results depend explicitly on the number of colors (N) and fermion flavors (Nf). Since the dependence of β function on the Overlap parameter ρ cannot be extracted analytically, we tabulate our results for different values in the allowed range of ρ (0<ρ<2), focusing on values which have been used most frequently in simulations. The non-trivial dependence of βL(g0) on ρ is shown in graphs for certain values of the parameters N, Nf, g0.