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Dynamically induced scalar quark confinement: A link between chiral symmtry breaking and confinement

Presenter: Reinhard Alkofer — Institut für Physik, Theoretische Physik, Universität Graz

R. Alkofer, C.S. Fischer, F. Llanes-Estrada, K. Schwenzer

The infrared behaviour of Landau gauge QCD vertex functions is investigated employing a skeleton expansion of the Dyson-Schwinger and Renormalization Group equations. Analytical and numerical results for the ghost-gluon, three-gluon and quark-gluon vertex functions are presented. It is analytically demonstrated that a linear rising potential between heavy quarks is generated by infrared singularities in the dressed quark-gluon vertex. The selfconsistent mechanism that generates these singularities necessarily entail the scalar Dirac amplitudes of the full vertex and the quark propagator. These can only be present when chiral symmetry is broken, either explicitly or dynamically. The corresponding relations thus constitute a novel mechanism that directly links chiral symmetry breaking with confinement.