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Effective string theory description of the interface free energy.

Presenter: Michele Caselle — Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Torino

Billo' M., Caselle M., Ferro L., Hasenbusch M., Panero M.

We compare the predictions of the Nambu-Goto effective string model with a set of high precision Monte Carlo results for interfaces with periodic boundary conditions in the 3D Ising model. We compute the free energy in the covariant gauge exactly, up to the inclusion of the Liouville mode. The perturbative expansion of this result agrees with the original derivation of Dietz and Filk, after correcting a mistake in their second order term. We also derive the effective string spectrum which, because of the different boundary conditions, is very different from the well known one of Arvis.. Taking into proper account the effective string corrections and exploiting some technical improvements in the simulations we obtain very precise estimate of the m0++/√σ and f+ σ02 amplitude ratios, with a remarkable gain of precision with respect to the existing estimates. We also discuss the behaviour of the effective string free energy in the dimensional reduction limit (i.e., near the deconfinement transition of the dual 3d gauge Ising model) and its relationship with the 2d Ising model interfaces.