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Staggered Diquarks for Singly Heavy Baryons

Presenter: Kazuhiro Nagata — Department of Physics, Indiana University

Steven Gottlieb, Heechang Na and Kazuhiro Nagata

There have been a number of attempts to investigate heavy baryons in terms of lattice QCD. At LATTICE 2006, Gottlieb and Na reported the study of singly charmed baryon mass spectrum using the data of 2+1 flavors dynamical improved staggered quarks. In order to persue more extensive study of these objects by means of staggered fermions, it is desired to establish the group theoretical classifications of pair of light staggered quarks (staggered diquarks) embedded in the singly heavy baryons. We present our construction of all the possible staggered diquark operators which are local in time and classify them into the irreducible representations (irreps) of lattice symmetry group developed by Golterman and Smit. We establish the group theoretical relations between lattice irreps and continuum irreps of diquark operators w.r.t. spin, taste and 2+1 flavors.