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Dynamical simulations with HYP-link Wilson fermions

Presenter: Stefan Schaefer — NIC, DESY

Anna Hasenfratz, Roland Hoffmann, Stefan Schaefer

Dirac operators constructed from smeared links are less vulnerable to the effects of dislocations of the gauge field. This can facilitate dynamical simulations and improve scaling. We propose and study a version of hypercubic smearing (nHYP) which is differentiable and therefore can be used in molecular dynamics based algorithms. These smeared links have good locality properties, require little tuning and efficiently remove dislocations of the gauge fields. As a test, we use two dynamical flavors of smeared clover Wilson fermions on 163 32 lattices with aL ≈ 2.1fm. We show that we can reach small quark masses even at a coarse lattice spacing of a ≈ 0.13fm without encountering instabilities of the simulation.