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The art of smearing

Presenter: Stephan Durr — Uni Bern

Stephan Durr

Several smearing recipes (APE, stout, and a new LOG smearing) are discussed and compared, without and with the hypercubic nesting trick, which may be applied to each one of the core recipes. While the SU(3) projection in the APE recipe results in a smeared link which cannot be differentiated with respect to the original one, the latter two recipes yield differentiable fat links. This makes them interesting for building UV-filtered fermion actions which can be simulated with a HMC algorithm. The presentation focuses on the plaquette distribution and how it is affected by these recipes and what is the impact for the signal to noise ratio of purely gluonic observables. If time permits, the issue of how light a pion one may simulate in the quenched approximation with such low-cost nearly-chiral actions is subsequently addressed.