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Putting M theory on computer

Presenter: Jun Nishimura — KEK

K.Anagnostopoulos, M.Hanada, J.Nishimura and S.Takeuchi

We propose a new type of simulation, which enables us to study supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics in a non-perturbative manner. In particular, our method allows us to put M theory on computer based on its matrix formulation proposed by Banks, Fischler, Shenker and Susskind. This is a nontrivial success given that the model includes 16 fermionic matrices, which transform as a 10d Majorana-Weyl spinor under rotations. The sign problem can be a technical obstacle in general, but we find that it is not so severe at least in the finite temperature setup, which we study explicitly. Results for various quantities provide highly nontrivial evidences for gauge/gravity duality.