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Phase Shift Analysis of I=2 Two-Pion System with Attention to Interaction Range

Presenter: Kiyoshi Sasaki — Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba

K.Sasaki and N.Ishizuka for PACS-CS Collaboration

For an estimation of the scattering phase shift on a lattice, the interaction range between two particles is required to be smaller than the spatial size of lattice. Therefore, the interaction range must be traced for a reliable analysis. In this work, we study the I=2 two-pion wave functions with two energy eigenvalues and estimate the interaction ranges from this quantities. A simulation is performed with a plaquette gauge action for gluons and a clover-improved Wilson action for quarks at a−1=1.63 GeV on 323 120 lattice in quenched approximation. The employed parameters correspond to the quark-mass region of mπ2=0.176−0.345 GeV2. We conclude that in the scattering energy of k2≤ 0.026 GeV2, it is not necessary to worry the rapid increase of the interaction range with increasing k2. Moreover, we estimate the phase shift from the two-pion wave functions. This method provides a smaller statistical error than that from the conventional analysis with the two-pion time correlators.