Area A: Hadron phenomenology

Project (code) Title Research area Principal Investigator
A1 The QCD phase diagram and the critical point theoretical physics Z. Fodor
A2 QCD thermodynamics at vanishing chemical potential theoretical physics Z. Fodor
A3 Hadron structure and Generalized Parton Distributions theoretical physics G. Bali
A4 Renormalization of composite operators theoretical physics V. Braun,
M. Göckeler,
K. Szabó
A5 Physics of charm theoretical physics S. Collins,
S. Dürr
A7 Strong decays and resonances theoretical physics G. Bali
A8 Chiral perturbation theory for hadron observables theoretical physics A. Schäfer
A12 Phenomenological aspects of the QCD crossover region theoretical physics S. Borsányi,
C. Gattringer
A13 Kaon and light quark physics theoretical physics C. Hölbling,
E. Scholz
A14 Hadron distribution amplitudes theoretical physics V. Braun
A15 Developing techniques for finite density lattice field theory theoretical physics C. Gattringer
A16 TMDs and DPDs theoretical physics A. Schäfer

Area B: Algorithmic developments

Project (code) Title Research area Principal Investigator
B1 Linear solvers and matrix functions applied mathematics A. Frommer,
K. Kahl
B3 Algorithms for next generation supercomputers applied mathematics A. Frommer,
S. Krieg,
T. Lippert
B5 Numerical time integration and critical slowing down applied mathematics,
theoretical physics,
M. Günther,
F. Knechtli

Area C: A new high-performance computer for Lattice QCD

Project (code) Title Research area Principal Investigator
C1 Development of innovative supercomputer hardware architectures for lattice QCD and similar applications computer science T. Lippert,
D. Pleiter,
T. Wettig
C2 Development of system and application software for future supercomputer architectures computer science J. Bloch,
A. Frommer,
S. Solbrig