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Strong Interaction Supercomputing Training Network


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STRONGnet is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN), funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Its purpose is to provide training and experience to researchers of any age or nationality by facilitating interactions and exchanges between research institutions.

Currently, STRONGnet consists of ten university teams from seven different EU member states with the common scientific goal of solving QCD by numerical simulation on supercomputers (Lattice QCD) and developing the methods and tools to do this.

Among the research topics of STRONGnet's eight working groups is the calculation of the spectrum of mesons, baryons and of exotic states, their decays and internal structure. Also, some STRONGnet researchers will calculate the phase diagram of QCD with light sea quarks and the equation of state at high temperatures while others will study the QCD vacuum.

Since these calculations require enormous supercomputing power, there are working groups dedicated to computer hardware development, improvement of numerical algorithms and the optimization of software.

Finally, STRONGnet's associated partners will share their expertise and assist to improve and to include generic elements into the training of the early-stage researchers.

Acknowledgment: STRONGnet is funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement number 238353 (ITN STRONGnet).