Physics Research Program

Application as high school student

The research program normally starts in the third semester of study; therefore, a direct entry after completing the “Abitur” is not possible.
For interested high school graduates planning to obtain a degree in physics, there is the option of “bonding” from the onset of their university studies. For example, they may participate in the study week or talk with participants to get to know the atmosphere. Interested high school graduates and high school students are encouraged to contact us before they start with their university studies.
It is not necessary to enroll in Erlangen or Regensburg for the first semester to participate in the research program. Applications from external universities are welcome. For logistical reasons, however, we recommend high school graduates interested in the program to start their university studies in Regensburg or Erlangen.

Application as university student

The research program normally starts with the third or fourth semester in the winter or summer semester of each year; however, it is possible to enter the program practically any time upon consultation. For a regular entry, students of a physics bachelor's program at any German university may apply during the second or third semester of their studies. Applications from students of external universities are highly welcome; in such cases, we are happy to consult you prior to applying.
All applications must be in writing and are to be sent via email to Prof. Dr. Kristina Giesel ( for Erlangen or Prof. Dr. Christoph Strunk ( for Regensburg. In addition to a resume, we expect to receive a letter of motivation, your high school diploma and a list of modules taken, including the grades awarded. In order to be accepted into the third semester, one must have completed all modules of the first two semesters. Due to schedule overlaps, applications can already be submitted during the second semester, with the grades of the current semester being furnished at a later point in time. For summer semester entry, applications must be submitted by December 21, and by August 15 for starting the program in the winter semester. All suitable applicants will then be invited for interviews.
In these personal interviews, we seek to learn about your competence in the field of study as well as your motivation in the program. Previous academic performance certainly plays a role. However, we deliberately do not demand a specific grade point average but base our decision primarily on the applicant's motivation, commitment and interest in physics. Although the interview includes degree-related questions, it is not necessary to specifically prepare for them.

Applications from external universities

Applications from external universities are welcome. External applicants will not face any disadvantages as the application process is identical for all applicants.
For a smooth entry into the program, external applicants should have roughly the same knowledge as is taught in Erlangen and Regensburg, for example, knowledge of fundamental methods of theoretical physics taught in theoretical mechanics is required.
We are aware that the time frame for external applicants may be tight. We therefore recommend that all interested students from other universities contact us in advance. After consulting with us, it is possible to submit an incomplete application.
Applicants may not have received all results of the second semester by the application deadline. Such issues do not constitute an obstacle since we are flexible. However, we expect that such issues are explained in detail in the application.
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