Physics Research Program

The Physics Research Program

The Physics Research Program strives to combine research and teaching as early as possible in order to optimally support students in a flexible environment. We would like to allow for students to study in a self-determined and individualized way.
By providing intensive support and lectures in small group settings, we offer a teaching concept that is unique in Germany. A professor-student ratio of approximately 1:7, active involvement of the students in current research and an extensive range of soft skills and extracurricular supplemental qualifications are at the heart of our concept. It is our objective to provide outstanding scientific training and to foster personal development skillssought after in industry and science.
The study program leads to a doctorate via a bachelor's and a master's degree and can be completed in about seven years starting from the first semester of study. The research program begins in the third or fourth semester; the first two to three semesters are completed as part of a regular bachelor's degree in physics.
Entry into the research program does not require one to start physics studies in Regensburg or Erlangen. Applications are encouraged from all German universities during the second or third semester of study.
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